Danielle McClellan, Registered Dietitian

My passion is helping people stop yo-yo dieting with a flexible "all foods fit" approach and by creating a lifestyle that you can maintain.

It's time to stop yo-yo dieting, forever.

I am a weight management dietitian who specializes in counting macros, or macronutrients which are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. I teach individuals that all foods can fit while still reaching your fitness goals. I love helping people form a lifestyle that they can actually maintain. I work with members in our group program, "Forward Forever," and also have an online course and weekly meal plan subscription help individuals reach their fitness goals. 


"The means that it takes to lose the weight are the means that it will take to maintain the weight." 

A member's primary goal might be weight loss, but my main goal for you is to learn how to count macros. If you learn this skill and are consistent with it, the weight loss will come. Learning HOW to reach your fitness goal and creating a lifestyle are the keys to lifelong weight maintenance. 

Forward Forever is our six-week group nutrition program where Alex Thieme and I help you reach your goal of weight loss, weight maintenance, and/or muscle gain with education, accountability, and support. It provides the tools that you need to reach your goals including access to our Forward Forever Nutrition Calculator to calculate your calorie and macro goals, weekly meal plans from EatLove (with access to their user-friendly app) assigned for your calorie and macro goals, weekly content releases, group Zoom calls, and access to our Forward Forever app in EverFit for questions and support. You will also have access to Alex’s strength training program in EverFit and exercise expertise throughout the six weeks. This program will teach you how to create habits that help you meet AND maintain your fitness goal. 

You will ALSO get access to our virtual nutrition seminar, "Forward Together."



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Client Testimonials:

Before and After: 26 pound weight loss in 4 months

"Working with Danielle has helped me realize that that I am capable of creating healthy habits instead of living with unreasonable restrictions. I have also learned that when you get tired, it’s OKAY to rest, enjoy life, and taking that time doesn’t mean you are giving up. I am so grateful that she listened to MY story and genuinely cared for me, as well as my family. I feel so proud of myself and my journey because my toddler has a happy and healthy mom."

Before and After: Loss of 3% body fat and 13 pounds in 3 months

"Danielle helped me to realize that I was not eating enough. She is always available for questions or concerns. Danielle even helps me figure out what to select when I go out to eat. I saw results instantly: I lost 3% body fat, gained muscle, and went from 147 pounds to 134 in three months. She is my number one cheerleader and I am grateful to her for showing me food is not my enemy."

Before and After: 4 month weight loss progress

This client had noticeable changes in her photos and decreases in her measurements. While we use the scale as one way to track progress, my clients learn that non-scale victories are just as, if not more important.

"Danielle the Dietitian gives you a roadmap to sustainable and manageable weight loss without feeling deprived. I’m eating more food with the correct amount of macros to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Her meal guidelines are easy to follow with nothing complicated to prepare. She's readily available for questions or inspiration. I’ve consistently lost 1-2 pounds per week, but more importantly I’ve lost belly inches and maintained muscle mass. I’m so glad I started my journey with Danielle the Dietitian!"

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