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Forward Forever

Are you interested in learning how to calculate and count macros to adopt a more flexible way of eating where all foods fit?

Do you have a goal of weight loss, weight maintenance, or muscle gain, but don't know where to begin on your fitness journey?

Our 6-week program, "Forward Forever" will give you the tools to meet AND maintain your fitness goal. My nutrition expertise as a Registered Dietitian paired with Alex's extensive knowledge on weight management and exercise set this program apart from others as we are able to provide:

  • Access to short video lessons on how to calculate and adjust your calorie and macro goals with a review of your calculations
  • Weekly meal plans from EatLove (these were a favorite in our previous program!)
  • Access to Alex's strength training program that delivers results for both beginners and more experienced weightlifters
  • Zoom calls at the beginning and end of the program
  • Weekly Q&A with Alex and Danielle to answer any questions that you may have
  • Access to our Facebook group for questions, support, accountability, and connection
  • Content releases every week on various topics including:  calorie/macro adjustments, exercise, food volume, supplements, and more

And also...access to our upcoming virtual nutrition seminar, "Forward Together," on Saturday, October 7!

Let us give you the support and education to not only meet your fitness goals, but actually maintain them as well. 

Registration will last through Sunday, October 15, which is also the first day of the six-week program. The program will last through Saturday, November 25.

The price of the 6-week program is $200. 

This program is available for United States residents who are age 18 and older. The program provides information to meet general fitness goals and is not intended for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have certain medical histories or chronic conditions, including but not limited to persons with kidney disease, diabetes, anyone with a history of bariatric surgery, or anyone with a history of an eating disorder or disordered eating. 


Testimonials From Our Previous Group Nutrition Program:

I have been a professional dieter my entire life. I’m good at losing weight not, so good at keeping it off. I have never followed another program that has left me so satiated between meals. It is challenging to make the protein goals, and I am usually not really very hungry for a long time which makes it easy to avoid snacking. I’m getting the hang of eating so much protein. I am confident I will be successful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I went to two birthday parties this week. I had a cupcake at one and ice cream at another. Either of these would have put an abrupt end to any nutritional efforts in the past. I I would have seen these as failures, gone off plan for weeks, and regained any loss plus more. This time, I just adjusted my macros for the rest of the day and it was business as usual. I can’t tell you how HUGE this is for me.

I can travel and not get completely derailed - which is one of my biggest fears - as our work schedule is unpredictable and includes frequent travel. Its been a really mental hurdle, and I feel like I now have the skills to be able to start to tackle it.

This program, both in terms of macro tracking (even though I've done that in the past) and strength training (also done in past) is a game changer for me to help me be consistent above all and to not lose focus. Why? Because of the daily accountability with the use of both apps - EatLove and Heroic; and third is you and Alex coaching us through this journey.